Recover Word Documents on Windows OS

Word documents are the best file type for any documentation. Microsoft Office suit consists of Word file types with other file types like excel sheets, PowerPoint, etc. You may create the Word files, convert and can even have the hard copy of the files if you want. You can use the Word files as per your wish and requirements. The Word files are of two types of extensions, .doc and .docx..  .doc are the previous versions of Microsoft files also known as compatibility mode files. .docx are the Word file types of the current version of Microsoft Office. You can store number of Word documents on your computer because of the less space required by it and also the computer provides huge storage capacity.

The loss of Word files is really an unbearable pain if you are a writer. The Word files might contain lots of your thoughts converted to words. You would never even thought of losing your files all of a sudden one day. But this happened to you somehow because of your hard luck. You had formatted a partition which had junk files. When you try to open your files on the other partition, you realize that the files were there on the formatted partition and not in this. You have not even taken the back up of the files on it. You skip your heartbeats to know the reality and you will be puzzled, how to recover Word documents? Be cool, as there is a solution for this. You can retrieve Word documents from the partition using a good Word file recovery software. Windows file recovery software is one of the recommended recovery software.

You may lose your Word files for many reasons. Some of the instances are given below. Refer to these and recover the files in such scenarios by using Windows recovery software:

Abrupt system shut down: When you abruptly shut down the system, the files are lost from the computer which were about to being written to the hard drive. You unknowingly turn off the system many times. You may turn off the main switch, press the power button on the CPU or the power may fail. If you need to recover Word documents after such data loss instances, this software will be very effective.

Accidental deletion: You may delete Word files accidentally from the computer. This happens due to lack of attention while operating your files on the system. If the files are in the Recycle Bin, you can restore those back. But if you have deleted Word files from the external drive on the computer then it won’t be stored in the Recycle Bin. Then, to retrieve Word documents, you have to utilize this prominent application.

File system corruption: The file system is the program which keeps the record of the location of files, activities performed on the files, etc. It organizes the files in the storage drive. If the file system gets corrupted then the files on the drive goes missing and you will lose the access to the files. If you lose important Word file and want to retrieve Word documents, use this Word file recovery tool immediately.

Missing partition: A partition goes missing from the hard drive of Windows sometimes. The partition fails to be mounted due to any unknown reason. You will lose Word and all other files in the partition due to inaccessibility of the partition. In such situations you need to recover files from HDD using a recovery software. Word file recovery will also be effective to recover Word documents of several types.

The Windows file recovery software has lots of advantageous features. Some are given below, refer to these and know when to use the software:

This Word file recovery tool is the ultimate solution if you want to know how to recover files in Windows XP, Windows 2003 and other higher Windows OS versions. The software helps you recover files lost or deleted from the hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, FireWire drives, USB drives, etc. on the Windows system.

using the software. The software supports the recovery of files from the file system of Windows like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and EXFAT. The software usage is also beneficial in case if you have less space to store the recovered data as you can compress the recovered files. you can save the recovery session for future use and avoid rescanning of the drive.

The files will be lost many times when the Windows won’t boot. You can even recover files from unbootable Windows. Read more here:'t-boot.html

To know the Word file recovery procedure in detail, you can refer the user guide of the Windows file recovery software. Some of the main steps are given below:

Step 1: Download and install this tool on your Windows computer to recover Word documents. Launch the software and select Recover Files option from the main page of the software wizard.

Step 2: Select Recover Lost Files or Recover Deleted Files based on the file loss scenario. Select the drive and scan it. You can scan for particular file types when scanning for lost files. After scanning, preview the resulted files and save. If you are using the trial version of the software then you have to activate the software to save the files.