Windows File Recovery Software

Retrieve files when Windows doesn’t boot

Windows is the Operating System released by Microsoft Corporation. It is used vastly by many users because of its user friendly user interface. You can save lot of your files on your Windows PC. All your important documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc. are safe with you on the computer. The hard drive gives the huge storage capacity to store your files. If the system is giving you lot of benefits then it also needs some minimal maintenance like reformatting the system once in two years, defragmenting, etc.

You may lose your files from the Windows for lots of reasons. One of the main reason is that the Windows not being able to boot. The boot loader of your system may break and the Windows won’t boot. The boot loader is a computer program which loads the Operating System. You must reinstall the Windows OS to troubleshoot this problem. When you reinstall, all your files will be lost. If you had any important files then you can recover those as those files are still on the hard drive. Stop using the system to avoid data overwrite. Use a recovery tool for Windows file recovery. Windows file recovery software is one of the reliable recovery software to retrieve your lost files.

Some of the reasons for Windows boot failure is given below, avoid boot failure and thereby avoid loss of files on your Windows OS by being aware of the file loss cases:

Improper turn off: If the system is turned off abruptly by switching the on / off button on the switch board, hitting on Reset button or computer crash. If the data is being written to the hard drive at the time of sudden turn off then Windows won’t boot. You will lose all your files on the system.

System32 corrupt or missing: System32 is a directory present in the primary partition of the Windows hard drive. It consists of some critical files which are used while system booting. If the files get corrupted or are missing then the system fails to boot. Hence, the partition will not be accessible and you will lose the data stored in it.

MBR corruption: MBR is a part of hard disk which initiates the booting process. MBR contains the partition table and master boot code to identify the bootable partition in the partition table. The boot sector of the partition loads Windows. When MBR is corrupt, the boot sector can’t load the Operating System. You will lose the files in the system. Visit this site for more information on recovering files from hard drive.

Boot sector virus: The boot sector may get infected by virus and it fails to boot. If the applications on the system slow down and if many unrecognized files are there on the computer then it indicates that the system is infected by virus. While boot up process you might get an error message that there is no proper file system on the boot drive.

Recover Files when Windows won’t Boot

When you lose your files due to any of the above mentioned scenarios, you can use Windows file recovery software to get back your data within shortest span of time. It has lot of advantageous features. Some are mentioned here, glance at the following features on the software and know how to recover files when windows won’t boot. Make maximum usage of the software:

This software recover the files lost or deleted from the computer with Windows OS. You can recover files from hard drive of the computer as well as other drives compatible with the Windows OS including pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards, iPods, mp3 players, etc.

The software has easy to use wizard and you can perform Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows XP file recovery. This tool can recover almost 300 file types including PDFs, photo files, video files and audio files. Not only different types of files, various popular file formats can also be recovered using this software.

 If you have deleted/lost valuable Word file, then you can use this utility to restore Word files. You can recover unbootable hard drives as given in the above case scenarios. The software is available in trial version also. You can use its demo version to check the effectiveness of this software.

Simple steps to recover files on Windows operating system are mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and install the Windows file recovery software on the hard drive your Windows computer. Run the software and select Recover Partitions / Drives from the main page of the software.

recover files when windows won`t boot

Step 2: Select Partition Recovery or Formatted / Reformatted Recovery from the next window of the software wizard. Select the drive to scan. The software scans the drive to read the lost files on the drive. After scanning, the files are displayed on the software wizard. Preview the files and save them on your computer.

recover files when windows won`t boot