Hard Disk File Recovery on Windows OS

HDD file Recovery on Windows

If you have any documents or files of yours then you know how painful it is to lose those files. It requires lot of concentration and ideas to prepare the files like your own animations, videos, documents and so on. If you are doing any research on anything or any living being then it needs deep study and regular documentation. You may need to read and compare the daily document to come to a conclusion and prepare the whole report. You may have taken some amazing clicks from the cameras and might have stored it on the hard drive of your computer. If you lose these kinds of files which are the examples of your creativity then it will be a greatest loss. Have you lost all your files forever? Do you need to redo everything from the scratch? Not necessarily, as you can retrieve files from hard drive in Windows using hard drive file recovery software.

If you have lost your files from the hard drive accumulated from a long time then it will be a heart aching moment for you. Losing all the files created and edited by you, collected by you will be very disappointing. It will be very shocking for you as you never expected this will happen and you do not have the back up also. You may lose it when you need to resize the partitions on the hard drive and some of the files will be lost after resizing. You can restore files from hard disk using this ultimate tool.

Some of the scenarios are given below which might have happened to you. Under all these scenarios you can use our software as an remedy to get back your data:

Accidental deletion: You may delete the files accidentally from the hard drive of your Windows computer. If not you, someone else may delete it by mistake. Hence, you should be careful with the usage of the computer. Accidental deletion is the major reason for data loss many times as it happens accidentally and you won’t be having the backup also. At such situations, you can use Windows file recovery software to recover accidentally deleted files from your hard drive. In case you have deleted some really important Word documents, then also this software will help you to retrieve Word files deleted from your Windows HDD.

Partition deletion: Deleting partition is the best solution when you have lot of junk data in the partition. You can have free space to create new partition or extend the existing one. You must login as administrator to do this operation on your computer. You should take backup of your important files if any, on the partition. Sometimes it happens that you miss out any important file while copying the required files. In such situation, you will lose the particular file when you delete the partition.

Power surge: Power surge is also one of the main causes for file loss. When power surges happen, some of the files may be lost. When power fails then also you may lose your files. Power surge may occur due to improper wiring, environmental variations, etc.

Reformat: Reformat is the process in which the file system is changed. When the file system is changed, the old file system will be replaced by the new one. You should take the backup of the files before reformatting; if not then you will lose all the files in it. However, you can recover the files from the hard drive using recovery software. The files will be still on the hard drive ready to be overwritten. You should stop using the hard drive to recover files using Windows file recovery software.

Some of the features of the Windows file recovery software are given below. Refer the following features and know when to use the hard drive file recovery software for Windows:

This software helps in recovery of lost or deleted files from the storage drives on Windows. You can even know how to recover files when Windows won't boot Over here.

The software is easy, safe and secure to use. The software only reads the files and not write. It is safe to use the software as there are no chances of the files to be overwritten by the software. You can undelete files on Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2008 using the software. The software scans the drive in a short span of time. The software is capable of recovering files even from formatted or reformatted drives.

There are few simple steps to be followed to recover the files from the hard drive. The steps are given below:

Step 1: Download the software and install on your Windows computer. Run the application and select the options based on the data loss scenario. Select Recover Partitions / Drives and then Partition Recovery or Formatted / Reformatted Recovery..

hard drive file recovery software- main screen

Step 2: Select the drive and scan the drive. After scanning process completes, the files are displayed in two views. Those are “File Type View” and “Data View”. Select the files to preview and save those on the computer.

hard drive file recovery software- recover files

After losing the files there is no guarantee of getting those files. hence, you should avoid the data loss as much as possible by taking some important precautions:

  • Use proper backup method while formatting and reformatting the drive to avoid data loss.
  • Keep backing up your files regularly as you may lose the files anytime.
  • Install a powerful antivirus program and update it regularly.