How to Restore Files in Windows?

  • Know how to recover files when Windows won't boot using this Windows file recovery software
  • Recover lost files from the hard drive by deep scan mechanism
  • Recover files deleted by accidentally pressing Shift + Delete
  • Just visit here to learn advanced techniques of recovering files from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 Operating Systems

Have you lost or deleted your files from Windows?

Computers are the best devices to store your files. You can use access them easily and edit some files as per your requirements. While coming to the Operating System of the computer, Windows is well known for its user friendly interface and cost effectiveness. Hence it is highly used generally. You can store all kinds of files on your Windows system like Word files, Archives, spreadsheets, database files, videos, audios, photos, etc. You can use your Windows for both work and entertainment purpose. You can prepare good documents using the advanced features in Word suit of Microsoft. You can even record your voice and save those on your Windows computer. You can enjoy listening to your favorite songs, watching movies, etc. on your Windows system.

All of a sudden if you lose your files from your Windows system, you will feel awkward. You will lose the important data documented by you from many days or even years. You will lose all your recorded audios, videos, etc. Everything will vanish from the interface at a stretch. Suppose you have copied the files into your external drive and deleted all the data on the Windows system as you need to give your system to anyone else. While you want to copy the data onto your new Windows system, instead of clicking on the copy button, you may click on the delete option accidentally. You will lose all your precious files and you can’t get it elsewhere as it was your personal data. In such circumstances, you can recover your lost files from the external drive on your Windows using Windows file recovery software. This software is highly reviewed by most of the Industry Experts and has been rated as one of the best software to restore Windows files. This recovery software can recover files deleted/lost on Windows OS due to almost all possible data loss scenarios.

windows file recovery

Some of the other scenarios are given below. Consider reading the given scenarios to avoid the loss of files as much as possible. You can also recover the files in such scenarios:

Format: When you format the drive, all the files on the system will be lost. The formatting is done to erase all the records of the files on the system. You must have the backup of the files before formatting the drive. If not then you will lose your files on the drive. Some of the important files might be there on the drive. Therefore do not format the drive in a hurry. If you lose data from hard drive due to formatting employ this Windows file recovery program for quick recovery.

Empty recycle bin: You may empty recycle bin to keep the system clean by removing the junk data permanently. You may also empty the recycle bin to improve the performance of the processor. You may sometimes empty the recycle bin by mistake. If you have any files which you need to restore from the recycle bin to the drive back then will lose it. In such cases, use Windows file recovery software to retrieve files from the hard drive after emptying the recycle bin.

Deletion by third party software: The third party software like antivirus might delete the files sometimes. This action might be because of a programming error in the antivirus or because of virus infection of the files. The software deletes the files if the virus infection of the files can not be fixed by it. Hence you will lose the files and you need to use this Windows file recovery program for successful data recovery.

Interruption of file transfer: If the file transfer from one drive to another is interrupted then you will lose some of the data. Interruption might be because of sudden system shut down, abrupt removal of the external drive from which the data is being transferred, loose connection in the data cable, bad card reader, etc. No need to worry, it is an efficient software to restore Windows files.

The Windows file recovery program has lots of amazing features. Few are given below for your knowledge. Read the below features to utilize the software as much as possible in most of the loss scenarios:

This is good recovery software for deleted or lost files on your Windows OS. Windows file recovery utility is one of the highly recommended hard drive file recovery software available in the market, to learn more about the software please dive into this site:

This software helps to restore Windows files supports recovery of files from all the compatible file systems of Windows namely NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5 and EXFAT.

Windows file recovery tool supports data recovery from all the drives compatible with Windows OS like the hard drive of the computer, external hard drive, memory cards, SD cards, iPods, etc.

The software helps recovery of many file types. It can recover file types in eight categories of files including Documents and Spreadsheets, Picture, Music and Video, Email, Archives, Database, Animation and Application. Hence, you can recover Word documents, excel sheets, MP3, MP4, JPEG, PNG, JPG, and ZIP and so on.

Steps for using this software to restore Windows files:

Step 1: Download and install the Windows file recovery software on the Windows PC. Run the application and select Recover Partitions / Drives from the main page of the software wizard.

windows File Recovery- Main Screen

Step 2: Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery from the next user interface. Select the drive from where the data is lost and scan it. The scan result will be displayed in two views, “File Type View” and “Data View”.

windows File Recovery- Recover Files

Step 3: Preview the files and save on the drive of the computer. If you are using the demo version of the software, you can not save the recovered files, you must activate the software by purchasing it.

windows File Recovery- Preview

You can recover the files in any loss scenario unless there is any physical damage to the hard drive. But it is better to take some precautions to avoid file loss than to lose and recover it. Some tips are here for you:

  • Use proper and updated antivirus program to avoid data corruption and loss.
  • Always have a backup of your important data to restore them in any data loss scenario.
  • Avoid data loss due to power issues by using UPS.